Do you see me when you look at me?

Or are you engaged in your past,

and all the warning signals evolving from it,

looking past me,

not opening up to this present moment?


Do you see me when you look at me

or are you engaged in the danger and threat,

that things from your past might recur?


Are you present with me,

even if things from your past

are getting triggert inside of you?

Do you stay present with me,

holding space for those feelings arising?

There is nothing wrong with stories and feelings

from the past, that are getting triggered in this very moment.

It is our choice whether we are staying present with them

or let the emotions entangle us,

blur our vision

and cloud our perception of this very moment.


Yes, there have been dark times in our lives.

Are we ready to move beyond them and enjoy the light together?

The present will trigger the unhealed wounds from the past.

Are we willing to let them be seen, felt and healed,

so they can finally leave and get transformed,

letting us appreciate and enjoy this moment even more?


So, i wonder,

do you see me when you look at me?

Or are you engaged in your past,

and all the unresolved issues from there?


Because i do live in your present,

i don’t exist in your past.

If you want to meet me,

you’ll have to stay present.


I am here, waiting for you to show up.

Will you come and join me for this ride?

Or do you prefer to observe,

waiting to „see what future holds for us“

and therefore letting „live get in the way of us going deeper“?