Love is unconditional. Relationships are not.

(Grant Gudmundson)




I was still overwhelmed, impressed and touched

by who you are,

by the connection we share

and the bond I feel towards you.

And as things settled,

I started to see you,

not just for who you are,

but also for what you do.

I became aware of your actions and decisions,

and the loss of them.

I started to realize,

that for a relationship to work out in this physical reality,

our actions and decisions matter.

And as I became aware

of the actions you choose,

and the decisions you make,

I therefore started to realize that a relationship between the two of us

simply does not work for me in this physical reality.

But I am still impressed by who you are,

I am touched by the connection we share,

and overwhelmed by the bond I feel towards you.

My heart stays open

and my soul stays connected.

While I am becoming aware of the distinctions I draw

and the gap I experience

between the relationship that is not working out in our physical reality

and the bond I feel between our souls and our hearts,

I am starting to understand

that love is unconditional,

but relationships

for me

are not.